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Helen M. Mitchell - Business Traction Strategist

Helen brings real world solutions to everyday business challenges. Her engaging and high energy style compliments her practical, cutting edge insight on the following topics:

  • Leadership

  • Effective Business Strategies

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Organizational Change and What to Expect

  • Organizational Dynamics

  • Corporate Culture

Helen is noted for using real-world examples in a way that makes it both relatable and entertaining. Her audience leaves motivated and equipped with tools and a plan of action that can be implemented immediately.

Her experience in turning around companies and leading companies to hyper growth, as well as coaching CEO’s and executives to do the same, brings credibility and a unique experience to her audience.

  • Tradeshows
  • Annual Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Luncheons
  • Round Tables
  • Dinner Sessions

“I was impressed with her expertise and insights regarding business, strategy, organization growth and future planning. The information was easily adaptable to any business and we became clear as to what we needed to do to move our business forward and past the competition. She spoke comfortably and intelligently using real-world examples in a way that made them both relatable and entertaining. I look forward to attending other seminars hosted by Helen in the future!”

Dina Harris
Vice President
George T. Hall Company, Inc.


Turn Challenges into Strategic Business Traction:

How Do I Grow My Business Up? — Every business hits that plateau once or twice…or more! Take your company from a good idea or from a small player to a major player takes some skill, strategic planning and precise action. Learn what you must do and what the traps to avoid as you grow your business – profitably!

Why Can’t My Business Get Any Traction? — Do you ever wonder why you can’t just seem to get the results that you want? You’ve tried everything including the latest sales promotion and yet you still don’t see measurable results. Diagnose where your business is congested and what you can do about it when you get back to the office.

Effective Strategies for a Changing World — Are you as competitive as you should be? Are you confident that your strategies will lead in the industry? What do you do when everything you know and have planned around has changed?

What Is Holding Your Business Back? — The 10 Deadly Silent Saboteurs — Business owners and executives are sometimes faced with the paradox that their business results do not equal the effort put forth. There is a hole in the boat somewhere. Have you fallen prey to one of the ten deadly silent saboteurs? What is threatening your company? Do you know?

Corporate Culture And It’s Impact To The Bottom Line — What is culture and why should I care? Learn how to turn compliant employees into commited advocates for your vision and mission.  Organizational growth does not need to be dysfunctional! Differentiate yourself in your markets and lead your industry.

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